Pantry, VIP Toilet and Landscape at Rajbhavan (2000)

Client: Rajbhavan

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Total Area: 124 m2 / 1,341 ft2

This was our first project with bamboo. The building has been remodelled from a dilapidated brick building standing next to an exquisite glass house which the then governor Mrs.Ramadevi got constructed to entertain VIP guests. There could not have been a better place and project to uplift the status of bamboo from the ‘poor man's timber’ to a glamorous material for the most elite class of the country – the bureaucrats and politicians.

Bamboo-crete walls have been used with cement plaster for all the walls with openings left in the plaster to serve as windows. The project uses up to 60% of recycled material from the old buildings including the under-structure of the roofing. The roofing is corrugated Bamboo mat sheets developed at IPIRTI, Bangalore. Fascia of 3mm bamboo mat board (BMB) has been put for protection against sun and lashing rain.

The pantry counter is of BMB sheets, which were covered by a ferro-cement top cast on site and then given PU coating. The paintings on the two sides are of tribal origin from Shimoga, Karnataka, called Chitara. The bamboo artisans of Shimoga decorate their exquisite craft with these paintings.

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