House of Five Elements

Client: Ms. Neelam Manjunath

Location: Shivaramkaranth Nagar, Bengaluru, India

Contractor: Aditi Constructions

Built-up area: 1118 m2 / 12,034 ft2

Site area: 1645 m2/ 17,700 ft2

Project duration: March 2008 – Nov 2009

A bamboo building need not look ‘low-cost’ – imaginative design and the use of other locally available materials within the cultural context can make the building desirable rather than just acceptable. Built by unskilled labour under supervision, the residence was developed as a large scale sustainable space, running on minimal energy and striving to become a zero energy home.

At every point in the house, one can feel the presence of the five elements of nature: water, air, earth, fire, space. The house is spread along the East West direction, facing North. The spaces in this house flow and merge with each other, courtesy of the two level open to sky courtyard with a water body - ‘Totti’, open kitchen and dining with a double height. There are three bedrooms and a drawing room, around the courtyard, which helps in cross ventilation. It has three skylights – one above the courtyard, and the others above the kitchen and verandah towards east. The first floor consists of two bedrooms with terraces and balconies. The rendezvous doesn’t end here –nature and interior spaces seamlessly merge into each other, coupled with Bangalore’s salubrious climate. The consequence is a house nestling in nature.

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