I am an Architect, Planner, Activist and Theoretician. I worked with Architects of International repute before starting my private practice in Jan 1991 at New Delhi. I shifted practice to Bangalore in 1994. I have undertaken the form of designing and constructing several reputed projects in India and abroad.

My buildings havebeen judged to be simple and direct solutions of problems concerning the general function of the buildings, its economics, its aesthetical and adaptive to the climate in context.

In my buildings I try to be sympathetic to the immediate environment in terms of climate, statement of the building forms, local and green building materials etc. I believe that a building is a living entity that it has to have a spirit and it should be felt like a living entity by the occupants; forever changing with the seasons.

An architect is a Catalyst providing social and cultural stage sets for all human activities. Hence the magnitude of Responsibility on our shoulders is of staggering proportions! Hence a mix of RESPONSIBLE Creativity and CREATIVE Responsibility should determine the ARCHITECTURAL Character of any Building.


1973- 1980  - High school +2 -Central School, Jamalpur, Bihar.

1980 -1982
–  -REI College, Dayalbagh, Agra.

1982-1987- B.Arch -Govt. College of Architecture, Lucknow.

2008-2009 - PG Diploma in Theology -Dayalbagh University.

14-15 June 2002 - Training programme on  Rain water Harvesting issues & Techniques, Bangalore.

14th Sep  , 2005 - One day certificate training  programme  on green buildings & green building rating, IGBC New Delhi.

 March 2008 – 4-Day Training  programme  by Gramavidya, On Innovative Construction Technologies with Mud, Bangalore.

15th April 2009 – 4-Day certificate film making course cum workshop at Bangalore.

July  2010 - Summer executive  programme  on” Media Architecture” at Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

July  2010 - “Charrette Training” at Graduate school of design, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.






in Private Practice at Delhi.

1992-1993 in Private Practice at Nagpur.

1991-1992 Consultant to Dayalbagh University for university buildings.

1994—to date in private Practice at Bangalore.


  • Chairman, Exhibition Committee, Co-Chair, Technical Committee Member, Organizing Committee International Bamboo Conclave & Expo - 2014
  • Member International Technical Committee, World Bamboo Congress 2015
  • Founding Member and Managing Trustee “Centre for Green Building Materials and Technology”, (CGBMT) Bangalore.
  • The Social Network for Sustainability: CGBMT, Bangalore since Jun 28, 2007.
  • Listed in the directory of service providers of NMBA – National Mission for Bamboo Applications, for consultancy services and Research and devilment.
  • Jury member  for  Architecture Competitions — Sustainable Living, 2007.
  • Jury member  for  Painting Competition — “Walk for Water”-progarmme organized by CGBMT and Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Energy and Development, Bangalore and Karnataka Science Center, GOK, and Biodiversity Foundation ,GOI.
  • Jury member for graduate thesis at CEPT, Ahmedabad as a Viva-Voce for Masters in Interior Architecture and Design.


  • “Bamboo – Applications and their uses” at BMS College of Engineering on 29th April, 2004.
  • “Bamboo -Career Prospects in Industry” at Dayalbagh University, Agra, INDIA, 12th August, 2004.
  • “Bamboo – Application in Interiors & Landscaping, Women’s Polytechnic at Dayalbagh University, Agra on 12th August 2004.
  • “Bamboo—a potential alternative in the construction industry”, at KPTCL, Bangalore, INDIA, 2004.
  • “Bamboo – A Cost Effective Building Material” at HUDCO, Bangalore, 2nd December, 2004.
  • “ Bamboo  in Buildings” – Guest lecturer at IFS Officer Training on “ Innovative Industrial Products from Bamboo for Poverty Alleviation, 4th Jan 2005 at IPIRTI, Bangalore, INDIA.
  • “Bamboo – The Green Gold” presentation at IIA meet on 24th June 2005 at Bangalore.
  • “Bamboo and Sustainability” – Workshops on Sustainable Building organized by Centre for Green Building Materials and Technology at Bangalore on 25th November, 2005.
  • “Bamboo – A Sustainable Solution “Guest lecturer at Bharatiya Vidyapeeth College of – Architecture, Navi Mumbai on 25th Feb, 2006.
  • "Bamboo -- Re-engineering the wonder grass” on 19th August, 2006 at Chandigarh organized  by A3 Foundation.
  • “Bamboo – An Alternative Building Material” Training Programme for civil engineers, conducted jointly by IPIRTI and BMTPC at IPIRTI, Bangalore.
  • Conducted 4-days workshop on “Designing beyond Sustainability” Dec, 2009 in collaboration with KSCST, GOK and CGBMT, Bangalore, at IISC, Bangalore.
  • Conducted 3-days  Workshop on” Rural Building Techniques- MUD AND BAMBOO” , for students of Srishti School of Design, Bangalore, INDIA, sep ,2010.
  • Conducted 3-days Workshop on “Vernacular Architecture” (Bamboo & Stabilize Mud Block construction technology) at CGBMT, Bangalore Sep. 2011
  • Conducted 3-days A Lecture & Workshop series on Bamboo in Building construction for treatment of Bamboo for Building Construction at CGBMT, Bangalore, March 2012
  • Conducted 3-days A Lecture & Workshop series on Bamboo Based Industries at CGBMT, Bangalore, May 2012
  • Conducted 5-days A Lecture & Workshop series on Bamboo Application Technology at CGBMT, Bangalore, Dec. 2012
  • Conducted 5-days A Lecture & Workshop Series on Bamboo Application Technology at CGBMT, Bangalore April 2013
  • Conducted 1-day “Bamboo Workshop” for Tejpunj Resident, at Aditigreenscapes, Bangalore on February, 2013
  • Conducted 1-day workshop “Carrier Counceiling for School Students” at iReboot, Indiranagar, Bangalore on May and June 2013
  • Conducted 1-day Hands on Workshop at Bamboo Symphony at Bangalore on July 21st, 2013
  • Conducted 7-days Design Build Workshop at BMS School of Architecture at Bangalore from July 22nd – July 28th, 2013
  • Conducted 5-days Design Build Workshop “Sustainable Architecture and Bamboo” for Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, Karnataka, Students from August 5th – August 9th, 2013, at Bamboo Symphony, Bangalore
  • Conducted 3-days Hands on Training Workshop on "Engineering the Vegetable steel - Bamboo" from 23rd August - 25th August, 2013 at SPA, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
  •  Conducted 60 -days Condensed course on "Bamboo Application Technology" for Madhya Pradesh Bamboo Artisans at CGBMT Campus, Bangalore from September 3rd - 26th October, 2013
  • Conducted 3-days "Bamboo Application Technology" workshop for Educomp Raffles Higher Education Limited at CGBMT campus, Bangalore from 28th October - 30th October, 2013
  • Conducted 1-day "Bamboo in Architecture" workshop at Sharda School of Architecture, Bangalore on 6th November, 2013



  • Sir M Vishwesvarayya Prize - A National Award in the Design Ideas Competition 2004-2005 on “Application of Bamboo in Construction” Organized jointly by HUDCO, New Delhi and Hari Om Ashram Trust, Nadiad, Gujarat. The award has been given for the State Level Energy Park at Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain, Bangalore for innovative use of Bamboo in construction and its significant contribution to the socio-economic, environmental, durability and safety aspects. The award was given at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on 27th April 2005.
  • IIA-SHRI DHARMASTHALA MANJUNATHESWARA AWARD 2005 FOR EXCELLENCE IN RURAL ARCHITECTURE for my project “Navodaya Vidyalaya Residential School” at Gandsi , Hassan District, Karnataka. The award has been given for reflecting outstanding qualities in Architecture and planning and contributing to the local rural environment of the place. The award was given on 22nd October 2005 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
  • 2nd Runner-up in the Architectural Competition held for “Providing Architectural design concept for Police Bhavan to be constructed for KSRP at Kormangala, Bangalore, in view of KSRP Golden Junilee Year”
  • Our office Building Bamboo Symphony was shortlisted for World Architecture Festival Awards, 2011 in office category and highly recommended for Innovative Sustainable Design.
  •  Lafarge Invention Awards, 2011 – for the innovative structural system of ‘Bamboo Symphony’.
  • Winner of the World Architecture Community Award (12th Cycle) – by the voting of honorary members – for the project ‘Bamboo Symphony’.
  • Our project “Bamboo Symphony” has been nominated for the 2013 Aga Khan Award for Architecture.
  • WAN House of the year award longlisting -2013 for “HOUSE OF FIVE ELEMENTS”.
  • Archi Design Award for Best Design in Sustainable Projects, 2013 for “Bamboo Symphony”
  • Her work has been published widely in over 10 languages in over 19-20 countries and she has presented her works in several national and international forums and conferences.


  • Our Projects have been published in various magazines like A+D, IIA journal, India today, The week ,Down to Earth, Times Group Publication on Green Buildings etc.
     Our involvement with sustainable architecture has been written about in leading news papers like Deccan Herald, The Hindu, Vijaya Times, Hindustan Times, and several other regional, National and International news papers and journals.
  • My  residence “House of Five Elements” has been published in “Project Update” in 2010.
  • “Bamboo- new raw material for construction crazy Bangaloreans”, August 8, 2007:
    State Level Energy Park, Bangalore and Usage of Bamboo; Journo Diary.
  • Zee TV – Kannada channel interviewed me as one of the “Emerging personalities of Karnataka” Which was telecast in may 2006. 
  • Subsequently ETV also interviewed me for a programme on ‘Vaastu in Architecture’.
  • “Architectural stunners and winners all the way “–Alternative materials and technology used to create stunning structures… The Hindu Online edition of India's National Newspaper Saturday, Jul 30, 2005.
  • The Hindu : Property Plus Bangalore :” It's stronger than cement ...12 Jan 2008 ... Promoting his thought flow is the Bangalore-based architect who takes up only sustainable, eco-friendly constructions, Neelam Manjunath of ...  
  • “Bamboo Buildings - The ultimate in Sustainability”- MANJUNATH, NEELAM, Manasaram Architects,G-21, Bangalore; SARAN, GURUDAYAL, Centre for Green Building Materials and Technology, Bangalore; Rotterdam (Netherlands) in-house publishing 2005 , p.1326-1333
  • Deccan Herald, Tuesday, April 27, 2004.
  • Times of India Publications
    “Call of the eco-home “
    …Investing in an eco-friendly house is a healthy and wise decision. Here’s what you need to know if you too want to live in such a home happily ever after… by  Anu Bhambhani .
  • “Building materials have ecological footprints …”Aug 2007, Down to Earth Vol: 16 Issue: 20070831.
  • Our project “Bamboo Symphony”  has been published in the magazine “Home Review” in November 2011.
  • Our project “Bamboo Symphony” has been published in the magazine “Architecture Design” on December 2012.
  • Our project “Bamboo Symphony” has been published in the magazine “Architecture Update” on February 2013.
  • Our project “Bamboo Symphony” has been published in the magazine “Inside Outside” on April 2013.
  • Bamboo Symphony published in the Architecture Research Journal University of Edinberg, under the title “Bamboo Symphony” An Exploration in Bamboo.


  • Conference on Energy Efficiency in Building, conducted at Vigyan Bhavan, 29th & 30th Jan’92. Paper titled "Energy Conservation Through Window Designing .
  • “Vastu and Architecture”, 13th September ‘97 at Shri D.U.R .I  Auditorium at Bangalore.
  • “Bamboo- As an appropriate Building Material” in March 2001 IPIRTI Auditorium, Bangalore.
  • “Responsible Creativity Vs Creative Responsibility” at  Practicing Architects Association meet on 21st February 2003 at ‘Garden Hut’ Century Club, Cubbon Park, Bangalore.
  • “Bamboo Architecture in India – Through the times” at VII International “ World Bamboo Congress” at Ashoka Hotel , on 27th Feb 2004 4th March 2004 at New Delhi.
  • "Bamboo Housing – A Sustainable / Magical Solution”  International Seminar on Transforming Habitat Development through strategic Interventions; Requirement Mapping and Change Analysis” at Colombo from August 20-23, 2004.
  • “Bamboo as Wood Substitute” at the National seminar on Wood substitution through Engineered Wood, Bamboo and other Lignocellulose, at IPIRTI, Bangalore on December 17, 2004.
  • “Bamboo based Housing – The Green Gold Movement” at ICHH- INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HUMAN HABITAT, 2005 at Bombay 29th -31st Jan 2005.
  • “Introduction to Bamboo Architecture” at the National Seminar on “Introduction to Bamboo Architecture and Disaster Housing with Bamboo” jointly organized by CGBMT, Bangalore and IPIRTI, Bangalore on 5th June 2005. 
  • “Bamboo Dwellings - Crafts and Architecture” on 16th July 2005 at Ganjam Mandappa, Banashankari, Bangalore. 
  • “Bamboo – The Green Gold for Green Buildings” at an International Conference at Green Building Congress on 14-17th September 2005 at New Delhi.
  • “Bamboo Buildings – Ultimate in Sustainability” at the 2005 World Sustainable Building Conference in Tokyo, 27-29 September 2005, Tokyo, Japan. 
  • “Bamboo for Sustainable Rural Housing & Infrastructure Development” at SPIRIT 2006. (Sustainable and participative initiative for rural Infrastructure technologies.) , Max Mueller Bhawan, New Delhi, 16th march 2006. 
  • Hosted and Participated in the workshop “Sustainability living  2007" at Bangalore 7-8th July, 2007. 
  • Hosted and Participated in the workshop "Designing beyond Sustainability  08" at IISC, Bangalore on 7-10th Dec 2008.
  • Paper presentation-”Future of Bamboo? The Greenest of Green Building Material” at International Sustainable Building Conference ‘SB08’, Melbourne, Australia, Sep, 2008.  
  • Poster  presentation  on ” Bamboo, The Environment, and Climate Change”  at  World  Bamboo   Congress, Thailand , 19th September,2009.
  • “World Future Energy Summit 2010” at Abu Dhabi on  Jan 2010.
  • “International Colloquium” on Architecture-Structure interaction for sustainable built environment, Bangalore on 22-25th April- 2010.
  • Participated in the Conference” World Future Energy Summit 2010” at Abudhabi, (U.A.E.). Conducted round table discussion--- “Future Architecture- Back to Indigenous Buildings?”
  • Participated in the “World Architecture Festival awards” at Barcelona, Spain, 3 & 5th Nov, 2010.
  • Presentation about the ‘’Bamboo Application Technology Course”  at Sb 11 World Sustainable Building Conference 2011 at Helsinki, Finland on 20th October 2011.
  • Participation In “World Architecture Festival Awards”  2011-2012 at Bracelona, Spain
  • Presentation about the “Bamboo Application Technology Course” at World Bamboo Congress 2012 at Antwerp.
  • Presentation about “Bamboo Application Technology Course” at Lafarge Research Centre, Lyon, France in September 2012.
  • Presentation about the “Bamboo Application Technology Course”  at Architects Union, Paris in September 2012.
  • Presentation about the “Bamboo Application Technology Course” at Madera Wood Research Institute at Ebswarlde, Berlin in October, 2012
  • Presentation about the Architecture with Bamboo and  “Bamboo Symphony” Project  at IIA Trichy, Tamil Nadu at June 25th 2013.